50mg zoloft for anxiety

This helps to achieve all of the results for which Zoloft is known without the prescription or side effects. In contrast, Zoloft is a drug that requires a prescription in order to obtain it.

Typically speaking, it is very well tolerated with few to no undesirable side effects in the majority of cases. It works well for both stress and anxiety, as well as depression. Zoloft is a drug recommended for individuals over the age of 18, but it has received FDA approval and has been found to be effective for treating obsessive compulsive disorders among teens and children from six to eighteen years of age, as well.

We had two kids, one of each, daughter is a kindergarten teacher and loves it, son is bi-polar and it has caused him a lot of problems. We still love them both unconditionally. Ok, OK, back on a tangent again. Zoloft, that's the subject. I better stop now. God bless everyone on here!! Ted at September 3, 3: For panic attacts can it cause weight gain? Also do you know of some good books to read about panic attacts. People have told me to when I have one thy said that my face tighten up and I made a funny face for just a few seconds.

Is this one of the symptoms? Thank you Beatrice Posted by: Beatrice Arce at September 4, 8: It has really helped me, before I was very depressed and had anxiety problems, I could not control my anger, my moods were all over the place, I was afraid to speak to people, i could not relaz, and more. I have been taking Zoloft for about 4 months and I have been doing great. Peole see a change in me, they do not know the details but they say I am opening up more.

My life is better. At first I was afraid to go seek help I embaressed, but now I know there is nothing wrong with getting help,because now I fell so much better, I hav more confidence I am comfortable with being me. DO NOT be embaressed if you think you need prefessional help, go get it. Your life will change. Zoloft in particular may not work for you, but you ca ntry other medications, because I was on Prozac at first and it did not help me, It made me loose my apetite.

I am 37 years old and have been on Zoloft since I was 24 13 years. It has really helped my depression and anxiety and agreed very well with me. I totally agree with you that it keeps you out of the "parking garage". Yes, I also at times feel a full range of emotions - happy, calm, peaceful, enthusiastic, but also sad - however not that really bad depression that I got when I was not on it.

Now, my husband and I want to have a baby. I have been weaning off of a mg of Zoloft for about 4 months now. I am down to I feel extremely tired despite the fast that I am exercising times a week.

I don't feel depressed or anxious but just extremely exhausted. Has anyone else experienced this? Has anyone tried to wean off Zoloft for the purpose of trying to get pregnant? Jean at October 4, 1: My blood sugar has gone down really low since I started 6 weeks ago. I am taking 50 ml and I cutting it back to 25ml and then stopping it.

I dont want this any more. Lynn at February 23, 5: I cant seem to concentrate anymore in school and im more emotional. Since i have been taking zoloft it has only increased my suicidal thoughts, i've gained about five to ten pounds since starting zoloft mg.

Mickie at March 3, 3: I am on just. I love being in public on this stuff I can conquor anything! Anyhow I am excited to see further down the road like what it will be like in a couple months or even a year. Here is praying this stuff still keeps me this high in the clouds! I too don't even feel a bit like smoking no way! WOW I love this Sh! Honest after so long of not being happy with the day to day drudge and trudge whoooohooooo am I a happy woman!

But true it's not right for every person. I still think a lot which has put me in a panic state. I just want these meds to kick in. I want to be able to go out and find a girl It may take several weeks for the meds to kick in and I'm having a real hard time trying to be patient. Anyway thats my story. I have been more emotional and having more crying spells so my Dr. I am only on my 2nd day and can't stop sleeping.

I feel like I am in a haze and just want to sleep all day. I have read all the previous comments and am still unsure if I should continue taking this drug, if it is right for me.

Heather22 at April 29, 8: NewToZoloft22 at April 29, 8: It's nice and I can already see a change in me. Loss of appetite, I'm a little jittery and my muscles seem to tense up I will keep you posted.

Lovelylilly at May 23, 1: Lindy at June 24, 1: I had panic attacks that all started when I Tried marajuana once.

I panicked after I had.. Lost weight n felt like u was going nuts. I started on Now I'm on I had my daughter at 18 and lowered my dose to 25 whilst pregnant. Doc said it was fine to still take. I still often get panic attacks more so when I'm tired or haven't had enough sleep or if I haven't been having a good diet.

At that time of the month My hormones are all over the place and I get it a bit then. I'm a Lot calmer now. I can drink alcohol and that doesn't affect me at all. I prefer to take it at night I'll sleep better that way. I try and keep active also. Help with any tension build up. Only side effect I have is I jar vivid dreams. Well that's quite normal really. I don't think I'll ever try to stop taking them as they have really helped me get thru my panic and negitive thinking. Also when I first started them I felt quite numb and couldn't get aroused at all.

That soon went away. All in all I don't think zoloft is fix but it defo helps and u have to do the rest urself: Lana at June 24, 1: I was diagnosed with Sinus Tachycardia a few months ago and am currently on beta blockers and channel blockers, but the palpataions pounding heart still occur on a daily basis.

My heartrate goes up without warning at times to I was prescribed Ativan to take as the EP Dr thinks anxiety is playing a factor in this.

Even with the Ativan the palpations are still occuring. I am very concerned about starting this medication. I don't want to feel like im in a Haze or drugged up. Any advise on if I should start this medication and if anyone has been put on this medication for the same reasons? Meli at August 17, 4: I am feeling much more in contol. I am way less angry. I feel that zoloft is really helping me with my problems. I have the energy to work out more, and desire to eat less.

I feel that this is really helping my depression and able to stabilize my feelings. I am less angry and upset with my kids and happy with my life.

Definitely give this a try and see what works for you Posted by: I had depression where I would cry every day, and I couldn't help but think about sad things and everything that was wrong in my life. I had no friends except for my boyfriend, and I felt that I was ruining our relationship with my depression.

I never felt suicidal however, because I think that it just causes more problems for the people you love. I've steadily gained weight in the last 2 years, 60 pounds, and I had a problem with being tired all day long. I started taking Zoloft after speaking with my doctor, and since she said I'm always sleepy, that I should take the pills at night because they may make me drowsy. The first day I took it, I felt nauseous at night and in the morning, but I slept like a rock.

Within 30 seconds of my head hitting the pillow, I was out, and woke up in the exact same position. This whole thing lasted for about the first week. Now I don't sleep AS well, but still a big improvement from before, and I'm even more sleepy during the day.

The nausea went away luckily, and besides the drowsiness, I don't see any other side effects. Ever since the first day I took Zoloft, I have not cried, or really been sad at all.

I've enjoyed the feeling of being free, but there is one thing that I've noticed. I tried to look back at what use to make me sad, and it's like a mental block. I know the gist of what they were, like about my mom, dead dog, etc, but I can't focus on any details. I explained it to my boyfriend and he started asking me how strong this mental block is and asked me what I would feel if he died.

I tried to picture it, but couldn't, it was impossible. I know that I would be heart broken, but I can't picture the past or future, only the present.

I think it's a good thing, but I still find it weird that I can't be sad about it. Now I'm super curious and I'm waiting for something sad to happen so I can see how I take it.

I've only had sex twice since taking the medicine, but I don't see any changes. I'd reccommend this medicine to everyone. It has different effects for everyone, but for me its perfect, except that I can fall asleep any time I get comfy.

Jessica at October 12, 8: Just started tonight but really did'nt want to but that's what the dr. How long will this take to work. Sylvia Ford at November 24, 5: I weaned off of it for the past 6 months and was totally off of it starting in May.

Recently, my anxiety and obsessive thoughts came back I bring things to the extreme. I am hoping that it helps me again.

I am worried that it isn't going to help. I am on Klonopin until the Zoloft kicks in. I am afraid of getting addicted. I lay awake at night worried that I won't get better this time. I am doing all the things I normally do I just am worrying that I won't get better this time. Al Mistove at November 28, I think it ruined my life. While taking it, I couldn't sleep and it drove me nuts. I ended up in an unethical hospital with a money grubbing quack of a " doctor ".

It was a living HELL all because of that rotten zoloft!!! Stay away from it!! D at December 3, 5: Just don't think I will bump up this soon. This med has been truly a lifesaver once again for me.

I had been under high stress for a month and a half and it just kept getting worse. Went back to dr and I asked him to put me back on Zoloft, generic version. Very thankful for this med. Not quite back to my old self yet but very close.

Minor side effects that I tolerate well. Please give this a try. This drug has been around for many years. My psychiatrist insisted that the side effects are actually manifestations of my anxiety. But my mental and emotional health were going down. One day l crashed my car against a wall.

I stopped immediately the medication, went through one week or so of withdrawal hell. I quit my job, went on a holiday and never took a pill again. It took me two years to restore my abilities, partly because of anxiety, but mostly of Zoloft.

I want to share what I've learned. When I was in my darkest place I would read reviews about meds not working or awful side effects. I was convinced no medication would work for me because of this. BUT this one did! Please know, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

For the first couple days I started on milligrams I was extremely sick, and lost 10 lbs in a week. I don't know if I will have weight gain but I am worried..? I lost so much weight people tell me I look too skinny. But I like the way I look now for once in my life.

I have a strange eating schedule, I binge eat then don't eat. I wonder if I lost a bunch of weight and now I will gain a bunch? On another note, I am exposively angry and always full of energy. I think the secret to the Incredible Hulk was Zoloft, seriously. But I also feel better, I am not depressed, I am in a perma-good mood.

So my review on Zoloft: Brianna at March 9, 6: The first week was brutal insomnia, headaches my mood where all over the place, 2 week i was normal my social anxiety and general anxiety where finally somewhat controled. On my third week was the worst starting on a sunday i woke up screaming from a bad dream, monday from 9pmam i was only sleeping every 15 minutes and finally up from 12 am- 7 am then i slept for two hours.

Tuesday had a hard time sleeping, wednesday i had more nightmares, friday was actually a good nights slept for once. Saturday last night i woke up screaming in pain felt like my insides where twisting i couldn't scream for help or get up to go get advil or the washroom without assistance.

This week has been so brutal! I am seeing my doctor and mental health nurse monday and tuesday hoping to increase the dosage from 25mg mg Overall i think this drug is by far the best my family has seen a difference in my attitude wanting to help people, or around the house.

I was on cipralex for about 2 weeks and i tried committing suicide not good at all! Good luck to everyone who is on this drugs i hear after the third fourth week its suppose to be wonderful! Michelle at April 10, The bad part is I wake up in the morning feeling like I have the flu, it is awful.

I am wondering if taking it at a different time, or maybe lowering the does would help. I am only 5'2 and lb. I have a problem getting answers from my doctor. Terri at April 15, 7: The 1st month was good but I had terrible cold sweats when I slept. They were horrible and I gained a lot of weight. I didn't feel anything and I felt tried all the time. The first week I felt really dizzy and had bad headaches. Now I feel bloated tired and it feels like early pregnancy symptoms Im supper nervous and sleepy.

I don't want to be pregnant. Does anyone know how long the withdraw is suppose to last I feel so nervous and tired and confused. Olivia at May 11, Recently I increased to mg.. In the last few years I have noticed that I have changed from an emotional person who cries over the normal, touching things in life, to a person who internalizes my feelings.

I do cry from time to time over things or events that move me, but I am not the same emotional person I used to be. Is that a result of the medication? Also, is weight gain a side effect as well? Ellen at June 12, I had never been on medicine consistently before.

After taking zoloft 50 mg over the last year I've gained lbs give or take and I am not any better. Yes, initially the medicine did help to 'balance' my moods; however, it did not 'help' me. I finally stopped taking it around weeks ago.

I do not recommend anyone to take an anti-depressant for depression unless you really need it. I didn't really need it. I needed therapy, someone to talk to in which would've helped the cause of my depression.

I tapered off zoloft according to what's recommended. Amber at July 5, 3: That was way worse than my mild depression. I switched to Lexapro and have had no side effects for last 9 months. I woke up every hour In panic thinking I missed my alarm. Once I got up up Ashley at September 28, 8: Ok, I just got off Zoloft and I feel so free!!! It's like, it added more stress to my life. I took it because of anxiety issues where I ended up cutting. I have to say, Zoloft locked me away in a small case where I couldn't have any emotions.

I was tired everyday, and I never got my homework done because I would sleep until I am so glad to get off this stupid drug. I do not reccomend it to anyone. They should just take it off the market!!!! Jennie at October 31, I have had chronic diarhorrea for two years! Every day several times a day. It co-incided with my starting sertraline. I went off it for 2 weeks to see if it was a side effect of the drug.

The doctors kept telling It wasnt one of the side effects. I had stool Tests, blood tests, colonoscopy, gastroscopy but docs found nothing. I want a new drug!!!! Jodie at March 24, 3: I started taking it due to obsessive compulsive behaviors checking locks, taps etc etc.

I lost my zest for life and feel like I am withering away almost like someone else is living my life if that makes sense as I merely go through the motions.

I have absolutely no concept of enjoying life, I am like a preprogramed robot who goes to work comes home kills time rinse and repeat. I don't like this drug at all but I also did not like the anxiety of not being on it.

Scott at April 30, 3: You guys are ignorant fucks. Medications can react differently to different people, obviously this particular one was not for you. The one guy who said god told him to flush his zoloft The doctor told me symptons would get worse for a month or so, Then would peak back off to normal. I have lost almost 82lbs on this med.

Now i am having difficulty Sleeping at night, Eatting all day long, Hair loss, Head aches so extreme my whole neck and upper back aches. I am going in for thyroid test and EKG! Good luck and God Bless.

You all are in my prayers Posted by: I began Zoloft about 6 weeks ago. Before I started Zoloft I "all of a sudden" got severe anxiety. I say all of a sudden because when I really thought about it, I have always had anxiety, but was able to better control it.

I did however have many life changes in a short amount of time. I graduated college, moved back to my home state, couldn't find a job and make money, started graduate school, couldn't fin a place to live and got engaged that's a lot!!

My engagement was so amazing, but my dr said that he sees a lot of people coming in after they get engaged and feel anxious. After my engagement I had what my school counselor called a "fleeting thought" of hurting myself.

It was a thought that normally I wouldn't think anything about it and would have let it go. I knew I didn't want to hurt myself, but I began obsessing about it. Why did I think this? Is this really what I want? Must be if I'm thinking it right?! Before I went on medication I was seeig my school counselor until I graduated grad school which only took me 1 year because I was in the advanced program I began seeking help with a therapist. During this whole time I had what I call irrational fears such as, what if I become schizophrenic?

Both of these thoughts were suggested to me by other people. I worked as my internship in the hospital and saw a lot of mental illness. With my anxiety and seeing these people was not a good mix.

I love him so much!!! But to get to the point. I cried every single day for no reason at all, I would freak out over little things, get mad easily and irritable until I started Zoloft! I have been doing times better. I was a little sick in the beginning until I started taking the med at night. I do get headaches but they go away! I have had the thoughts like others have to, could I hurt someone t myself.

My therapist told me "a thought is a thought, it's nt an action". So who cares of u think it, don't act upon it and don't let it run your life! Right now we are all sensitive and emotional people. Anxiety and depression SUCK! It's not fun at all! Some days I want to quit! Anxiety is a lot of mental work. Sony let anxiety run you, YOU run the anxiety Posted by: Vicki at July 27, 2: Danny at August 20, I tried it for about two months, with no positive results.

It didn't make me feel better, if anything I felt worse. I was still stressed, angry, anxious, etc. And to top it all off, it gave me horrible stomach cramps.

The pains were so bad I eat, and when I could manage to force something down it would just come right back up. Ever since I've stopped taking it, I haven't been able to sleep more than an hour at a time.

I've had terrible headaches and neck cramps ever since I stopped taking it. I wouldn't recommend this medication for anyone, any doctor that prescribes it should be stripped of their license to practice medicine.

Anonymous82 at December 1, 7: I feel like a human for once. No side effects, except from a fake tiredness, cause i can nver really sleep.

For those who are suicidal, i understand, cause ive tried it before, where i where about to commit suicide, but then i added an antipsychotic, and it made it all the difference.. I can now relate to other humans.. God i was locked up in an empty place for moonths, until i tried this combination.. It has really helped me out.. I reacts only in 1 way by increasing serotonin, so i dont understand all the different results you people tell..

I dont know im no biochemicalist.. In the start, it makes you feel kinda speedy.. But it subsides as the medication evens out, if you could call it that.. Really an helper for me! Livingproof at January 23, 7: Bojangles at April 2, 2: Thought i was better stopped taking it more like got tired of taking it everyday started taking it again last night was half awake half asleep woke up at 11pm and took a nap at 6am so my sleep would be normal now 1 am i had one menntal breakdown from being loopy and feel like im on speed, forgot how rough the first week is.

Also had terrible stomach ache and diarrhea. I have been on zoloft off and on for 15 years. I was able to get off it. Please dont let other peoples experinces stop you from doing whats best for you. Every person's experice is different. Lisa Hamberger at June 8, 1: I don't feel any less depressed. If anything it has gotten worse. Additionally, every morning when I wake up I have an anxiety attack that is completely unfounded.

It's essentially all physical, but still uncomfortable and distressing. Also I have diarrhea every morning now that I started taking it. I think I need to switch medications. Eve at September 23, The first time was over ten years ago and I don't recall having this much trouble with it then. This time I've been incredibly nauseous, have had diarrhoea, have been terribly depressed and anxious and unable to sleep. I have been on Zoloft for a month now and the side effects are the same now as the first day.

I am on antidepressants for severe agoraphobia and clinical depression. The first time I took Zoloft was after a mental breakdown and it helped me to recover my sanity.

It seems that my body can respond totally differently to the same drugs at different times. Have had two very different responses to Lexapro as well. LPW at November 14, 3: Few hours after taking my first dose extreme nausea hit me, i have a phobia about being sick so this was a great start. The two days where the worst of my life i could not sleep, and even when i thought i had fell asleep i would b woke up in extreme panic, and the second night i woke up so confused it terrified me.

I have stopped taking it and i am still vomiting and having diarrhoea, after 2 days, there is no way i could put up with this for 4 6 weeks until it got into my system. I would rather go thro proxatine withdrawl again than take sertraline.. However lately I've been having no motivation to do anything. I'm not really pushing away from my family, I do feel joy and happiness when I see my friends at school and when something funny happens at home.

Otherwise, when I get back home from school, I fall asleep. Until the next day in the morning. I have no appetite for a few days and then one day Ill binge eat. Listen I really hope this all just My imagination because I've read stories of people being on this drug for 15 years and such.

I don't want that. I want to be done with this drug and live happily without needing support of it. I want to be better and do something in my life while I'm not under the influence of this. Please tell me if this is a normal side effect of the pills or not, because if it's not then I'd like to immediately treat it Until I feel like me again: I want to get better. Darcy at January 28, 6: I started it when my depression was at its peak and I was suicidal.

When I started Zoloft, my depression and anxiety were gone in less than a day. How is that even possible, right? Well, you need to be awake to be depressed, which I barely was.

It turned me into a potato immediately, which was fine by me because I was determined to get better. There were those initial side effects like the terrible and constant nausea, but they eased in 3 weeks.

I started sleeping an awful lot, and even when I was awake I didn't have the energy to do anything so I was in bed mostly. I think that the entire duration I took Zoloft I had this weird feeling that whatever I ate or drank didn't really go down like supposed to and was rather stuck in my neck or chest. I became a total zombie, couldn't work at all, couldn't think or feel anything. It was a relief after the long time spent depressed, but then it became bothersome because I couldn't do anything at all.

I would wake up for breakfast, eat, and get tired and return to bed to sleep. Then I'd wake up for lunch, eat, get tired and go to sleep. Then I'd wake up for dinner, eat, spend some time awake, and then sleep all night. I neither had any energy nor any motivation, and it frustrated me, but even when I was angry, I appeared very calm because I didn't have any energy to waste. I didn't even want to shower days in a row, and only took a shower when I began to stank, which was usually on the third day.

It began to annoy me how I'd become such a zombie potato. Anyway, after or around the third week, my joints started aching, and it kept growing till it became unbearable. I wanted to quit but after a week of begging my doc said I could start taking Zoloft 25mg. I had one perfectly good and comparatively energetic day when I reduced the dosage, then everything returned to as it was. And then depression and anxiety started coming back slowly.

I thought I'd been on Zoloft for months but when I checked the date it was only the 5th week. Sometime in the 6th week, depression and anxiety hit my full force and I became worse than before I started Zoloft and wanted to end my life.

I called my doctor, crying, and he said Zoloft wasn't working for me and I could withdraw. I started Zoloft to get better and I think it was a waste of time. My experiences with serotonin have been awful. I've tried escilatopram, fluoxetine, and sertraline, and nothing worked.

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